A Los Angeles based International Theatre Company

                              What is to be Done?

Directed by Diane Benedict

                     Choreography by Marcus Pickering & Skaska Thylman                  

       Theatre im Ballsaal, Bonn, Germany- April-May 2009

                                            LOSt ANGELes ENSEMBLE

Stage director Diane Benedict combined scenes from Kushner’s play “Angels in America”, “A Bright Room Called Day “ and “Slavs!” The montage of the artfully enweaved cross-commenting scenes functions, marvelously.”  GENERAL ANZEIGER

The LOSt ANGELeS Ensemble succeeds with the premiere of “What is to be done?”, directed by Diane Benedict- an electrifyingly performed and deliciously absurd play about life in three once mighty nations of the world, Russia, the U.S., and Germany.” KULTUR-IN-BONN